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dickneck origins!!!!!

2009-08-27 18:15:52 by rumerio

its finally out and its mostly based on the fucked up super gay origin story i wrote in the beast awakens thread. im pumped to finally be part of a flash on this site but am too embarrassed to actually tell anyone i know IRL. Anyways... go 5 and ten that shit NOAW!!!!

why is everyone so hateful?

2009-05-12 00:57:45 by rumerio

Is anyone one else sick of all the highschool drama thats going on about the front page. I think Tom and all of the staff have always been fair about balancing the front page and lately there have just been a lot of "awesome" kinda movies and he knows a lot of people like them.

when it comes down to it, i think alot of these complainers just need to make better flash. If their movies are really that good and entertaining, then they will make front page, or win awards and they will become popular too.